Orissa is a yoga teacher, artist, musician, and world traveler.

Orissa offers personalized private yoga sessions and Thai yoga massage, and online yoga classes. Whether you want to gain strength, increase flexibility, improve your range of motion, or you just need to take some time for deep relaxation and rejuvenation, she is here to help you. 


Having a one-on-one yoga session can be extremely beneficial for any level of a yoga practitioner. You get the benefit of having the instructor's focus for the entire class, and each pose is corrected and adjusted according to your own body. The flow and poses we do will also depend on YOU; how you are feeling on that particular day, and what your body needs most. In a public yoga class, it's nearly impossible for each student to get this kind of attention and personal direction. Throughout the entire practice you will be offered personal tips, cues, physical adjustments, and encouragement.  

Bring more balance and energized calmness into your life. Try your first private session with Orissa for only $25! 

*Orissa is currently teaching in Perth, Australia

She is also available to create personal yoga classes for you online, or you can practice with her via any of her online classes. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Orissa cares deeply about every student she teaches. She has an arsenal of adjustments & modifications for any level, all given with her warm and motivating style. This girl can bring the heat or chill things out. It’s been amazing watching her style develop over the last few years of practicing with her.
— Connor MZJ